The Winners Guide To Budgeting For The Rio Olympics

Posted on: 7 January 2016

Going to the Olympics is a lifetime event for many. While in the Olympic village, you will run into thousands of sports enthusiasts from all over the world. You may also run into several athletes and have the chance to rub shoulders with your favorites. One of the less happy go lucky parts about going to the Rio Olympics in 2016 is having to deal with budgeting money. Here are some tips and tricks on budgeting for the Olympics. 

Get tickets before you book the trip

If you plan to attend specific Olympic events, it is imperative that you get tickets prior to going for the weekend. Waiting until you get to the Olympics will mean much higher prices or possibly not getting a ticket to events at all. You want to book your tickets so that you know when you must be in Rio and how to plan your vacation around the events that you score tickets for. 

Consider group plane deals

When it comes to major sporting events, there is nothing quite like the Olympics. During the Olympics flights in and out of the host city will be at an all-time high. This means that planes will also be packed during the time of the event. One unorthodox method for saving money, securing a seat on a flight, and having a comfortable trip is to look for private plane and jet deals. Some private jets will sell seat space in order to book up trips and save money for everyone. Riding on a private jet to the Olympics may be similar in cost to a plane ticket during the time, but will come with luxury seats, good food and service, plus no extra cost for your full suitcase. 

Send money to Brazil ahead of time 

If you want to make sure you are never left in a hard spot and you don't spend your money all in one day, consider using a service to transfer money to Brazil ahead of time. By transferring money before you leave, you can pick it up at a location in Rio at any time you may need. this works well in the event that things are more expensive than you planned and you need a little extra money for the Olympic celebration. Transferring cash also means that in the event your credit or debit cars have an issue, you will still be able to purchase things that you need.